Seven Steps to Heaven (Parenting Heaven, that is!)

Seven Steps to Heaven, Or How I Learned to Stop Fighting and Love the Process is the paper for you if you are hankering for an elegant, effective way to end power-struggles in your home over big and little things.   And build trust.  And develop great problem-solving and negotiating skills.  And enjoy your time together a lot more!  All in these seven steps.  It is my thank-you gift to you for signing up. It’s free with absolutely no strings attached.  

Just use that handy subscribe form on the left over there where it says “subscribe me and send me the link to Seven Steps to Heaven, please.”  (Scroll down a little, you’ll find it.)  That will get the ball rolling.

Or, you might be reading this on the blog site and not at  If that’s the case, click this whole paragraph, and you’ll get to the page where you can sign up.

Soon, you’ll be celebrating with your child instead of struggling.  Really.  Not kidding.


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