A Great Session Today!

So, you probably know that I am a Peaceful Parenting Whisperer life coach (after all, it’s everywhere you look on this site, right?).  My specialty, as you know by the name and the great majority of the content here, is peaceful parenting.  However, I am also a certified life coach and I work with all kinds of folks whether they are parents or just have parents.  I had a wonderful session this morning that I’d love to tell you about.

My client this morning, M.D., told me that she would be traveling this weekend to a women’s retreat and that she was dreading it a bit.  She is working on getting a “solo-preneur” healing practice going, and she is also in the midst of writing book.  Furthermore, she is working on shifting her life from struggling to soaring, as many folks are.  M.D. told me that there was a part of her that was dreading going.  She was also told me she was resenting the cost of the retreat and the time away from the scramble to make ends meet.

I could only see the time spent at the women’s retreat as an opportunity, but she interestingly told me that she intended to spend the time sequestered from everyone, writing.  Now, that is a good use of time, for sure, but I thought of the great networking opportunity that was shining for her, but when I suggested that, M.D. audibly squirmed at the suggestion.  So, we explored that more deeply.

We identified that she had a few feelings about her credibility (or, rather, the lack of it) as a healer.  She felt that if folks knew her story, they would know that she was actually a fraud and that, furthermore, she would be exposed as a fraud.  Great stuff, and so much to work with!!

EFT Tapping ChartI asked M.D. how she would feel about doing a little tapping around her beliefs.  She accepted my offer, so we spent about 15 minutes doing an over-the-phone EFT session (and, for the record, I am NOT specifically an EFT practitioner, but I have done it and I find it to be a powerful tool to have in one’s life tool kit).  It was a very powerful session, and she was able to dramatically reduce the intensity of the feelings she had been having around the areas we tapped on.  She was able to embrace her own story more.

That’s cool, right?  Here’s something that is even cooler!  She called me about 2 hours later to tell me this story.

Seems that M.D. had a house cleaning job this morning.  She had been cleaning this house for a couple of years but had never actually met the woman whose house it was.  However, this woman had just retired and was home when M.D. got there.  The woman invited M.D. to sit down and chat, since they had never actually met.  They shared with each other a bit about their respective lives, and the woman told M.D. that she was working on her memoir.  M.D. told her that she was writing as well.  The woman ~ very excited at hearing this and finding M.D.’s story quite beautiful and fascinating ~ proposed that the two of them form a writers’ group and see where that would go!

M.D. loved the idea that shifting her feelings around her story could possibly open doors for her that she did not even realize were there!  And, THAT is how the Universe works!!

Thanks for reading this very fun, very affirming story!


Be well and be kind,

Marji Zintz, CTAPP
Peaceful Parenting Whisperer
Helping Heal and Transform Parent-Child Relationships
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